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Tuesday, April 17, 2012 • 10:28 AM • 0 comments

wooot! it's 6 days to my national examination. feel nervous? of course. I'm really scared for the question, especially on math and science. but, much of my friends give me a support and said that I can do it. thank God, I have them in my life :') on this week, the 12 graders having their national examination and some schools give another students (students beside 12 graders) holiday for a week! my school did it, too. but for me, the 9 graders, I still have a extra lesson for two times, yesterday and tomorrow (Mon&Wed). so, I just come to school 2 times and have my holiday for 5 times a week. it is different than the usual weekdays, which is I have my school time for 5 times and holiday just for 2 times a week. happy! but, with that 5 times holiday in a week, I should study hard for my national exam next week.

good luck for the 12 graders for your national examination! do the best, you can do it. God bless you always! :)


a few weeks ago, I became really freak into movies. you know, in 4 days, I went to a mall then watched 3 movies (2 films with my family and the last with my friends)! hahaha sounds crazy, but I love it, very much<3 I'll share what movies I watched, check this out :)

First. THE RAID! yeah, Indonesian action movie that aired in another country, too. I forgot what country that aired The Raid, but if I'm not mistaken, The Raid is aired in America, too! I looove this film! the quarrel is so amazing :p you know, the actor of this film is a martial arts athelete, judo athelete and anything like that.


Second. Act of Valor. this is a film about an act of valor of an army to defend his country (essentially like that, it's hard to explain it in english, since I can't explain it well in indonesian :p). great film, but I can't understand why I felt so sleepy at the middle when I watched it. oh! and this film is soooo touching in the end :')


Third. Wrath of The Titans. believe it or not, this is the first fantasy film that I watched in cinema, beside Underworld Awakening, it's action fantasy, really regret after I watched it (Underworld Awakening is a bad and weird film, for me). yes, Wrath of The Titans is the first fantasy film that I watched in cinema. I didn't watch Harry Potter, Narnia, Percy Jackson or anything like that, because me and my family don't into a fantasy film. but.... is Superman a fantasy film? I've watched Superman Returns on cinema, that's my first film that I watched in cinema, if I'm not mistaken :p and overall, Wrath of The Titans is a quite good film :) but I got bored and sleepy in the middle, because the character just taaaaalk all the time, and I love the the end of film, quarrel all the time! hahaha (you know, as I'm an action film lover :p)

have a nice day, guys! :-)

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