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Sunday, April 1, 2012 • 4:24 PM • 0 comments

much people participated in #EarthHour, including me! :D

who participated #EarthHour yesterdaaaaaaay? MEEEEE! yes, I was participated in #EarthHour, too. I was in my bedroom, then turn off my lamp, and it was sooo dark! but...... TADA!

I used this mini lamp! TEHEEE. this mini lamp I used for sleep, too. so, my room isn't too dark. and why I used this mini lamp while #EarthHour? okay, because, my room was sooo dark, I can't see anything in my room, so I decided to turned on this mini lamp. and I think the energy of this mini lamp isn't big as the fluorescent light, right?

and, this is what I did on #EarthHour......

TEHEEE! I played my laptop, surfed the internet of course :D can you see? there's no light around my laptop, besides my laptop's monitor screen, of course. yes, the light source in my room were the mini lamp and my laptop's monitor screen.

btw, the #EarthHour doesn't for human, the website did #EarthHour, too! for example: YouTube. I was watch some tv programme on YouTube then realized that YouTube participated in #EarthHour, too!

this is before the YouTube participated the #EarthHour, but did you see the light switch on the left of the video's title? yup, you just click on the light switch and, YouTube will changed its layout and became.......

DARK! YouTube became DARK. YouTube participated on #EarthHour, too! when I looked it for the first time, what I could said was: "cool men. you're so cool, YouTube." aha! you guys feel curious for what I watched, right? okay, I watched one of the tv programme in my country, named Galau Nite. what's galau? hmm actually, I don't know how to say galau in english. galau is a feeling for a people who broken heart, etc. and this tv programme discuss about it, in comedy, of course. it was soooo funny :D

save OUR world, small act, big impact! :D

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