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Sunday, April 22, 2012 • 4:01 PM • 0 comments

whoaaaa! today is the last day I can relax like this. yeah, tomorrow is the national exam! actually, I can't be soo relax today, because I should prepare for the national exam at the night. and you know what? I got some rules from my parents during the national exam. today, I can't be with my phone aaargh weekend is my time and the national exam ruins it geeez! and the second, no television during the national exam. whaaat?! no television.... no television.... no television.... aaaaaaargh life's gonna be so boring without television (and internet+phone of course). I always study in front of the television and I can do the test although I study in front of it, but why my parents can't understand it?! ohmygod.

okay, it's getting closer to the national exam but I don't feel sooo nervous like before. I just feel that the national exam isn't scarier like I thought before. my friends and my brother said that the national exam is moooore easier than the try outs or the final test, and I hope so.

btw, I got this ultra cute hello kitty ring from my mom!

since I'm a great fans of hello kitty, I would looove anything about hello kitty :D my mom gave a few weeks ago when we're gonna going to Lampung. my mom bought 2 pieces of this ring and another one she gave to my cousin (different color, my cousin got the pink one). unfortunately, I forgot to brought this to Lampung, so I couldn't wear this ring together with my cousin :( I chose the silver one because I thought that the silver one is more elegant.

aaaaand, the happiest thing to know about national exam is, THE HOLIDAY IS COMING SOONNN!!! yeah, after that 4-days-of-national-exam, I'll mooooore relax than usual, no more study until July, and that's the time for having fuuuun \:D/

I hope I can reach my target, do my best and make my parents proud of me. wish me a bunch of luck guys! :-D

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