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Friday, May 18, 2012 • 10:55 AM • 0 comments

AAAAA I'm so happy now. why? because, I won a quiz for a first time! the quiz was held by @TheDuckKingID, and the prize is voucher 20% discount eat at Imperial Chef at a mall in Jakarta! (should I write the name of the mall? oh, you'll know later btw). so, I won the quiz for the 14th May edition. here's the quiz:

then, I tweet the answer on twitter, I think I've wrote the answer for more than 10 times (with a different answer, of course). unexpected, I won that quiz!!! @TheDuckKingID informed the winner and...... @TheDuckKingID mention me!!! yaaaaay so excited! a day after that, I got an email from @TheDuckKingID, here it is :

this is my voucher! and there's the location of the mall :p

btw, I got shocked by someone's tweet yesterday. let me share to you.
so, I found a link to know our national exam's result on someone-that-I-don't-know's tweet. with a curiosity about my national exam's result, I clicked the link. this is the link: the link that-seem-to-be-able-to-see-national-exam-result. I wrote down my national exam's number and a code, and do you know what's the result.....


I was super shocked when the first time looked the result. I can do the test well, but why the result is too bad?! okay, calm down. then, I told to my friend, she asked me to looked for the other person. so, I checked some of a clever friend in my class. and the result is not so different. it makes me confused and took a conclusion: the result on that web is NOT accurate. so, I'll wait until 2nd of June (graduation announcement date) for the accurate result. wish me get a great score guys! :-D

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