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Thursday, May 31, 2012 • 11:33 AM • 0 comments

FUALAA NEW LOOK! what's the new look? I can't find anything new in your blog. noo, not in my blog, but it's my new look! yes, me, the owner of this blog :p okay, I'm using braces now :x seriously, I really don't want to use this braces, but, my parents ask me to use the braces for many times, so I give up and following what my parents want. to be honest, my teeth is not on their right position and that's why I think twice to use the braces. so, here I am now, the fourteen-growing-up-to-fifteen-girl-who-using-the-braces.

I used this braces since Wednesday, 23th May 2012, exactly a day before I go out with my friends (I'll write about this on the next post). so, can you imagine how tortured am I when I go out with my friends? I can't eat anything well, except the food that has a soft texture (ex: porridge, etc.). then, we chose to ate at the fast food restaurant and you know? I bought a chicken+rice, which I can't ate them well. so, I just ingest the rice without chew it well and the chicken I ripped it into a small pieces then ingest it without chew it well, too. can you imagine? HAHAHA :-P

and now, it's been a week I used this braces and everything goes better and better. I can ingest the food a little bit well, thank to God. yesterday, I went to the dentist and he told me to use such like a rubber or anything like that aaargh I'm a little bit more tortured since using that rubber. I wiiiish that this braces just stay in my teeth for one/two years and my teeth back to normal in their position.

oh! and btw, I won a ticket Jakarta-Bandung-Jakarta from Merpati Airlines for free! okay, I can't imagine how many times I spend on the plane, because the distance from Bandung and Jakarta is not sooo far :p but, I still don't when I will use that free ticket.

yuhuuuu I won!

and once more, I almost get a free ticket to Singapore Art Festival from @Singasik, but, I can't have it!! D: I can't go to Singapore on the date that Singasik will give me the Spore Art Fest's ticket. the ticket Singasik will give me is 1st June....., whooops! it's tomorrow btw, and if I took the ticket from Singasik, I should be in Singapore now :p aaah, forget it. maybe I can get something better, we don't know about God's plan for our life, right?

another btw, it's D-2 to my graduation annoucement date! and after that, I should go to school for some graduation events. so sad, from last year's student (now they're in the 10th grade), my school doesn't have  any plan to go to Bali for the student's graduation. damnnnn. so, my graduation day just at..... my school. and I wish I can graduated from my junior high school with a greaaat score! Amen.

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