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yaaaay new look of my blog! :) I loooove this template so much. the template-maker was sooo creative, she is Aulia Septiya and this is her blog. btw, she is Indonesian and still 13! yay, proud to be Indonesian TEHEE :p alright then, you can hear a song form Christina Perri - A Thousand Years now on my blog, feel more relax here! yeah, that's because of this template :p but the one I can't understand is, why the chatbox is always in every pages?! I'm trying to make it only in a page, but I'm fail and hands up. oh btw, I'm not longer using "A Little Memory" as the title of my blog, a little bit bored of using that and something that I can't tell you here. and yeah, I changed it into "A Piece of Memory", looks better, isn't?

another yay is.... I'm having my holiday now! yes, I've finished my national exam last Thursday. the national exam went soooo well, big thank to God :) and, I can break the rule from my parents! I still studied in front of the television, and they didn't get angry, that's great;) I didn't have any plan for this holiday, where to go etc. because my parents still busy with their works, and if I'm not mistaken, my cousin will go to Jakarta, another yay!! and I'm sure, I will super enjoooy this holiday! yippieeeee \:D/

oh and btw, I've joined some competition and a giveaway. let me explain to you one by one. the first competition is blogging from wongkito.net, they asked the participant to tell about South Sumatera, and that's my hometown! they will give a lot of prizes for the winner. this is a blog that I made for joined the blog competition and I think that I'll use that blog everytime that I want to join a blog competition; gabriellaamd. the next is a short story writing competition from DIVA Press, they will give a lot of prizes for the winner too! and the last is a giveaway from Accessarie ft. Veren Lee, Accessarie's product is too cute! and I wish I can get one of them x)

Accessarie's product, taken from Veren Lee's blog

aaaaaah, wish me a buuunch of luck guys! :-D

p.s: happy holiday to the 12th and 9th graders! also, good luck for the 6th graders who will face their national exam on 8th May.

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