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Friday, June 1, 2012 • 6:10 PM • 0 comments

as I told you on my previous post, I went to a place with my friends a day after I used he braces. let me tell you the story. soooo, we went to KidZania. I've been to KidZania for 4 times. have you ever heard that place? KidZania is such like a recreation park  that has a edutacation concept for the children (until 16yo can do the role play). it's like a city for a child, so the children do a job like an adults, cool, right? B) KidZania is located in other countries too. I forgot where is it, but it's located at Mexico, too, for sure.

there are sooo much job you can do at KidZania and me love this place sooo much! oh, btw there's a KidZania's home currency called Kidzos, so the children collect the Kidzos by work at KidZania, ihiy!

the Kidzos

the cards that can be used there. two Kumon's card, atm's card and driving license :p

I worked at many places there, and it was sooo fun!

I'm too lazy to upload it one by one, so I edited it first then upload it ;p 

there was some jobs I did there, so sad I can't took photos at every places that I worked :( okay let me explain to you about the photos.
1st: worked as a surgeon at the hospital
2nd: at law court, I worked as a registrar
3rd: at the taxi office, worked as a telephone receiver and recepsionist (I don't know how to explain it :p)

I have a favorite place to work, btw. I love to work at the media, work at the radio station, newspaper's office, but what I love the most is..... work at the TV station!! yes, since one or two years ago, I aspired to be a broadcaster! TEHEEE :B work as a broadcaster is really fun I think. the TV station at KidZania was aired a news programme and I worked at behind the camera (of course), controlled the text. that 10-15 minutes be a broadcaster was sooo gladden!

it's June already, btw! wish that June will be a great month for us and better than May. whoops! tomorrow is my graduation announcement date! in my school, if there's a student not graduate, school will call their house by phone. so, I think it's better to turn off your house's telephone :p nonono, just kidding. wish all of the 9th graders (include me also :p) can be graduate with a great score! :-D

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