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TEHEEEE! officially graduated from junior high school! hip hip horaaay! felt soo happy and ready for welcoming senior high school's life. time flies soo fast. I just felt that I'm in grade 8 like much time ago or I felt that I'm still a newbie in jhs, still in grade 7 and serving a student orientation but this year, I'll be serving a student orientation again, as a senior high school student! omg.

that's some photos when my school held a recollection a day before the graduation day. can't explain about recollection to much but like what I did on recollection, here's the conclusion: recollections is a time that we are remembering about the 3 years we studied at jhs etc etc. some peoples (students&teachers) were cried when we are (the students&teachers) are shaked our hand, but I didn't cried. no, actually I'm a super peka (what's called peka in english? let's called it sensitive, maybe?) and melancholy person. I would cry if there's something that I thought it was too sad and touching (although other person will said it doesn't sad/touching at all). but in that time, I was a little bit blank and didn't pay attention at the situation, and.... tada! why some peoples were crying? I bet, if I'm not blank and pay attention, I would cried too :P

oh! and the photos above are me, my friends with our teachers, actually there's many pictures at the recollection time, but I was too lazy to post it all and I just edited and uploaded it :P

GRADUATION DAYYY!!! the graduation day was yesterday, 8th of July 2012. so sad, I didn't have the pictures when my teacher gave me a roll of paper (which is it just a paper filled with my school's achievement,  out of my expectation because I thought that the paper was a statement that told that I'm graduated) and my headmaster gave me a graduation medal :( my mom doesn't took those photos but, it's okay nevermind.

took a photos with my teachers&friends after the graduation. so, when I took those photos, I'm officially not a jhs student anymore because I've already received the graduation medal ;p as usual, there's still many photos but I just post here some.

.....and this is my class+all the jhs teachers! the last photos with my classmates&the teachers before we are gonna be apart. oh, and ignore that unknown hand that tried to took the photos too :P

btw, I just took some random shoot between my yearbook, graduation medal and the roll of paper. here they are :)

goodbye junior high school. thank for the awesome 3 years that I've been through, it's such a great memories for me. I will not forget it all. goodbye some-friends-that-gonna-move-to-another-school, goodbye teachers,  goodbye junior high school! and gonna say hello to the senior high school :'D

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