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Sunday, July 8, 2012 • 2:50 PM • 0 comments

helloooo everybooody! :D long time didn't update this blog, it's been a month (actually it's gonna be a month if I write this post tomorrow at 09/07, because I saw that my last post is on 09/06) ;p pardon me for not update anything in this blog for a looong time.

okay so, I just stay here in Jakarta for this holiday, I didn't go back to my hometown as usual because my cousin from Lampung came to Jakarta, so I can't go back to my hometown, and that's why I can't update this blog, I should accompanied them :p buuut, holiday in Jakarta isn't bad as I thought before. yeah although I just went to the mall, looking for the midnight sale at Jakarta. and what made me felt dissapointed is, I didn't get anything from that midnight sale.

btw, I went to Central Park Mall a few weeks ago twice, and accidentally, I saw Indonesian's girlband and a famous band performed there! maybe I can't called it accidentally, because I knew that they will be performed there, but, I didn't really wanna saw them, because I'm not so like them, just so-so. at the first time, I saw Princess, a not-so-new girlband in Indonesia. then, at the next week, I saw The Virgin, a famous band in Indonesia. The Virgin performed after a spectacular fireworks shown. so sad, I didn't take a photo of the spectacular fireworks because I'm too amazed with the fireworks and I can't do nothing at the time expect watch it. I also didn't took any photos of Princess&The Virgin's perfomance, my brother did, but I'm too lazy to transfer it ;p

uh-oh, it's July alreaaaady! woaaah, time flies reaaaally fast! and it's weekend again, too fast. in this first week on July, I looooove it so much! I went to my friend grand final, Malam Final Gadis Sampul 2012 on 05/07 and attended on a super great event, Festival Indonesian Youth Conference 2012 yesterday, I'll post about it later, on the next post, just waait(; it's 8 days more and I'll be a senior high school student! woaaah, can't wait! I just feel curious with the orientation and the new friends, hope my senior high school life will be great :)

wishes for this month? okay, well my wishes are all the best, better than before, can improve my foreign language skills, emmm.... being a student at a well-known english course, and this is my biggest wish right now: dreams come true! Amen.

and big thank to all my blog's visitors, also those great comments on my chatbox, thank you sooo much! well, keep calm and wait for the upcoming post, guys! have a great day! :-D

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