♚Indonesian Youth Conference 2012
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this post should be written on last Friday, but I can't because I'm a little bit busy to help my parents at their store nowadays. their store was sooo crowded by buyers, yes who doesn't need stationery? moreover this month is the new school year, so my parents' store was crowded by buyers until they asked me and my brother to help them.

soooo, I was attended on a super greaaat event last Saturday on 07/07. the event was held by Alanda Kariza and their friends, it's been 3 years but I've  just joined this great event this year. I got the free ticket by joined @dinikopi's quiz from twitter. every participant should chose 3 session at IYC, so, I chose anti-corruption, creativity and diplomacy (@dinikopi chose some session for me and I chose that).

if you asked me what session that inspiring me so much, I'll answer diplomacy directly. the speakers are from  Bina Antarbudaya and representation of Global Changemakers from Indonesia. one of the global changemakers' representation was studied in Canada when she still 15 years! and Bina Antarbudaya is a such like a place for student exchange, most of the participant of Bina Antarbudaya is grade 10 student, and will go to another country on grade 12 (I think I wanna try that student exchange ;P).

I went to IYC alone, so I just quiet all the time, except when some people asked my name etc etc. it was bored to go to some event alone, and actually I never like being in a crowd place alone, it's so awkward, but I can't do anything because my friend that should went with me was sick and can't go to IYC.

I can't took a photo of myself because I'm alone, and this is my one and only photo of myself at IYC

the most favorite artspace on IYC2012

the maker of My First Piano Lesson (photo above this photo), Carrine Kezia Aulia (middle). preeetttyyyy!

Senandung Nacita, Ubaydillah and Pak Raden on IYC's surprise session! WOOHOO

chalkboard at IYC2012

postcard for president by the participant. this idea is from CardtoPost, if I'm not mistaken, when the postcard already 1000, it will be give to our president on his birthday

Tari Kecak from Bali on Malam Kebudayaan!

HiVi is on the stageeee!

RAISSAAAA!! yes, I saw her perfomance two times a week ;p and as usual, I love what she wore on that night

btw, school will start tomorrow. gonna say goodbye to my three months of holiday :( the first three days of my school is orientation and I think it's gonna be so fuuun! yay \:D/

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