♚Malam Final Gadis Sampul 2012
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as I told you on the previous post, I was attended on two super great event, Malam Final Gadis Sampul 2012 and Indonesian Youth Conference 2012 (I'll write about IYC2012 on next post). I was attended on Malam Final Gadis Sampul 2012 for supported my friend that became one of the finalist, although she didn't win, but became one of the finalist is a great experience!

Adera was on the stage!

RAISSA WAS ON THE STAGEEE!!! AAAKKKK!! btw, I love what she wore on that night ;P

RAN!!!! whoops, the face of the guitarist was covered by the thank you tshirt :p

aaaand.... here's the finalist+cast's performance

she is my friend! :)

so, the winners are.....

Kevin Liliana, Gadis Sampul Persahabatan 2012

Kimberley Dressler, Gadis Sampul Eksis Abis 2012

Citragama Prameswari, Gadis Sampul Favorit Pilihan Penonton 2012

Nadia Sarosa, Gadis Sampul Favorit 2012

Kelsea Dressler, Runner-up 2 Gadis Sampul 2012. psst, btw, she is Kimberley Dressler's sister! she's 3 years younger than Kimberley if I'm not mistaken. how cool, sisters joined the same competition and both of them are won! :D

Citragama Prameswari, Runner-up 1 Gadis Sampul 2012. whoops! she won on two categories :D

btw, she is Dahlia Poland, Gadis Sampul 2011, this is when she wanted to gave a trophy for the Gadis Sampul 2012(;

aaaaaand..... she is the Gadis Sampul 2012!! congratulations, Anggis Dinda Pratiwi! :D

I was stood right in front of the stage, so it wasn't difficult to took the photos during the event and I stood right beside the cameraman too! turns out that being a cameraman it's not easy, they should carrying the camera in their shoulder and it's heaaaavy!

wait for the upcoming post, guys! :-D

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