♚Indonesia Is Not Young Anymore
Friday, August 17, 2012 • 9:42 PM • 0 comments

forgive me if the picture above was too bad

yay, today is Indonesia's independence day! 67 is not young anymore, so I hope Indonesia will be better and better :) I don't have ceremony on 17th August this year because I've already having my Eid Fitr holiday right now! the holiday started from 16th and will go back to school on 27th, yipiiieeeee \:D/ the ceremony on my school was held on 15th August, it's not that formal as usual, but it's more interesting :D I had a independence competition on my school, too! but too bad, me and my friends chose a wrong competition. we chose a competition called "7 Angels", aaaand you know what? that's a tug of war! umagah, of course we lost. our rival is from 11th or 12th grade and 10 grade wasn't win at all. but, we had a lot of fun! :)

as you know on my previous post, I'm gonna having a big family trip to Bandung and Puncak. and sooo excited that my cousin from Palembang will come to Jakarta tomorrow, and the trip will be held on 19th, which mean is the trip will be held two days to go!! :D

happy hoilday, guuuuys! :-D

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