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Sunday, August 12, 2012 • 4:17 PM • 0 comments

hello! this is my very first post since I've been a senior high school student. it's almost been a month I became a SHS student. quite happy and tired the most. the teachers are soooo interesting, but the assignments are uninteresting. I even got 4 assignments to be submitted on a week-_-

oh, btw, the student orientation at the first 3 days on my school is sooo great. we just played the games, knew each other (although I've already knew them because, there are many of my jhs' friends who didn't move to other school. so easy to memorize the new student, it's just too little). the very tiring part of my school orientation is pelatihan baris berbaris. we should hear the pic's instruction then do it, if it wrong, it'll repeated again and again. we did it in the school field under the blazing sun. GAAAAH. and the most interesting is.... amazing race! each team should cracked the code and played the games. although my team didn't win, but my student-orientation-class won at the performance! and each of us got a snack :9

all I need right now is having a holiday then relaaaaxing all the time. and praise the Lord, I'll have my holiday on 16th august and will come back to school on 27th august for Eid Fitr's holiday. another good news is..... I'll having my holiday with my big family! the big family trip will be coming very soon! although we just go to Bandung and Puncak for a week, but family is everything and I enjoy it, a lot :)

looked around for what's happening around me and I realized that galaxy clothes are soooo booming nowadays. saw the galaxy clothes on the magazine and internet made me craving for this stuff! even the UP wedges made a TREE-hi-galaxy, u-ma-gah.

gonna search for those galaxy stuffs on holiday, at least I have one of galaxy's collection. 

galaxy stuffs, y u so adorable?!

p.s: it's D-5 to Indonesian Independence Day! :)

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