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Sunday, October 7, 2012 • 5:54 PM • 0 comments

hellooooo everybody! it's been more than a month I didn't update anything in this blog, so pardon me. I just became soooo busy with the school things. after had an Eid Fitr holiday on August, the exams came relentless. you know, I should face sooo many exams for more than two weeks, if I'm not mistaken. then, school didn't give the students to relax. after the tons of exams ended, I should face the mid term test for two weeks! maygat. finally I've finished it all! and I can relax about a week without exam. that's the good news, and the sad news was I got a-not-so-good score on my mid term report and failed at some subjects, because of that, school called my parent to take my mid term report :(

btw, many things happened since I didn't update this blog. my bestie went to China to continue her high school there, and got a news that my another bestie got a scholarship to Singapore to continue her study there and will leave Jakarta at the end of October. so saaaad D: what I learned is what we want doesn't have  to happen. we always want that our besties near us, but the life goes on. we can't prevent what they want to do as long as it's good for them, all we can do is support them. and though our besties are faaaar away from us, we must to still keep in touch! you know, I still keep in touch with my bestie in China via whatsapp since twitter&facebook can't be opened in China. for everyone who created whatsapp, I would to say big thaaaaank to you!

the most waited month in a year, October, has coming! I looove this month very much, since my family will celebrate our birthday on this month. my brother has celebrated his birthday this month. and we had a dinner in a hotel because he's already 17 now! I just hope all the best in October and everything is better than before. Amen.

I just got bored with my school. you know, I studied at the same school since I was toddler, how booooring.  so, I thought about how to get a new atmosphere and new experience. when suddenly, I remembered about IYC's diplomacy session. one of the speakers is from Bina Antarbudaya. a place where we can study abroad by AFS/YES program, both of these programs are student exchange program! I'm thinking to join this program. hope that I can reach it! :-D

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