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Saturday, November 10, 2012 • 8:40 PM • 0 comments

why time flies sooo fast? it's November already and 2012 is almost end. oh gosh, I just can't believe it.

btw, many things happened on October. all of my family member had our great birthday, mine is quite great too! I got a tablet pc as my present! yippie thankyou mom&dad! emm... should I mention the type of the tablet? ah, all of you must know this type, it's a fruit name for sure, and damn, I feel in a deep love with that and all of its product. gimme all of that fruit name's product pleaseeee :"( also, my bestie has already went to Singapore to continue her school there, she got scholarship there, how smaart! and thank to Steve Jobs, I can keep contact with her via iMessage :D and whatsapp sometimes.

oh, and this beginning of November, I've already felt happy. I just went to Garuda Indonesia Travel Fair, and bought some tickets for holiday! psst, a little hint, it's domestic and international route! yaay me can't wait :D

wishing that November, will be a great month for me. hope that I'll get a better score for all of my subjects at school, ah, there's so much wishes that I can't mention it one by one here. over all, I just wish that this month will be better than before and all the best.

psst, I'm on instagram now! follow me @gabriellaamd, thankyoou :-D have a great month, everybody! Xx

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