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feel so blessed nowadays. I've passed the final test week well. although I'm not sure with the score, but I'm still thank to God because I can answered all the questions. aaaand, here I am in the holidaaay! yayeeers <:D finally, after struggled that hard, I can relax for about 3 weeks. I'm not going anywhere this December, but will going to somewhere out of this country on the early January, will tell about the trip later;)

so, my cousins came to Jakarta and will stay in my house for 2 weeks or more. me so happy because I have more friends to play with. and I've some plan to do with them yihaaa :> and Christmas is coming really soon! it's a week to go! I can't wait for the Christmas atmosphere, love it so much. and as usual, in Jakarta at December, there's soooo many midnight sale in the mall! yayers, let's shop till you drop \:D/

I wish that this holiday will be so memorable for me, and you guys must wish that too, right? Happy holiday and blessember, guys! Xx

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