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Sunday, December 2, 2012 • 12:07 PM • 0 comments

yeah, two contradictive things on this title post. excited yet lazy. I'm so excited for welcoming this December, the last month of the year, but the laziest thing is, I will have my final test on 3rd December. wait, it means that the final test is tomorrow!!! gosh, I'm so lazy for studying all the time, bring the books anywhere for eight days, fortunately, this final test not as long as the mid term test. you know, on the mid term test, I should study all the time for two weeks! and the one thing that I love from final test is holiday will come really soooon yaaaay :D

dunno why, I really excited for welcoming this December. I just love to see christmas spirit everywhere and feel the joy of christmas, eventhough I'm not a Christian, but I studied in a Christian school since kindegarten. you know seeing a christmas decorations everywhere is like 'wow, it's christmas!'. and I wish Indonesia have a winter season so I could play with the snow during the holiday. TEHEEE! btw, in this December, I just wish that all my dreams come true and better than before. the biggest wish is, I can pass the final test with a great score! :)

ah, I can't write any longer because I should prepare for the final test. wish me a bunch and a tons of luck for the final test, guys! Happy December! Xx.

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