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Sunday, December 30, 2012 • 10:45 AM • 0 comments

fuala, 2012 is going to end soon! and 2013 is waiting to begin :) so much memories happened in this year, and writing down the memories in a year is a great thing to do. I love to write them down :D

January 2012
the new year came, and the Chinese New Year also. celebrated the CNY at Palembang as usual.

February 2012
Valentine's day, swap the chocolates with my friends. had a field trip to Grand Sahid Jaya Hotel for table manner and Dufan.

March 2012
Cheng Beng to Lampung, as a Chinese's tradition to pray to our ancestor.

April 2012
#EarthHour. had my junior high school's national exam!

May 2012
had my 3 months of holiday \:D/

June 2012
recollection and graduation. goodbye junior high school!

July 2012
attended Malam Final Gadis Sampul 2012 and Indonesian Youth Conference 2012. officially a senior high school student! :D

August 2012.
Eid Fitr holiday. had a trip to Bandung and Puncak with my big family.

September 2012
the school things became so crazy. 

October 2012
the family birthday month! got a great present form my parents :)

November 2012
attended Garuda Indonesia Travel Fair and bought some tickets for holiday, domestic and international route :D

December 2012
passed the final test and  had a greaaat holiday!

thank God that 2012 went sooo well. many things happened and also the new experience. wish that 2013 will be better and have another great experience. 

talking about the new year, you guys must have a great plan, right? mine is gonna be great! as usual, I'm gonna have a barbeque in the attic with some of my big family, and this year, my cousin from Palembang is here, yaay! and look the great fireworks from the roof. the sky will not dark, it's gonna be sooo colorful! have a great new year's celebration, guys! Xx

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