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Wednesday, December 26, 2012 • 10:56 PM • 0 comments

Joyeux Noël tout le monde! Dieu vous bénisse :D

I know it's Dec 26th already and its mean that I'm kinda late to say that merry Christmas, but nevermind, right? wishing you guys have a memorable and joyful Christmas:) I don't celebrate Christmas, but I love the atmosphere of Christmas, dunno why.

how's your holiday guys? mine is quite greaaat \:D/ as you know, my cousins came to Jakarta 'till early January, aaaaand.... I just had the beaches trip last Sunday until yesterday. excited because it's been a long time since I went to the beach. so, I went to 2 beaches for 3 days. I went to Anyer and Tanjung Lesung. all I did was played on the beach, with the waves. it was great yet tiring too. sadly, I didn't take much photos there, although I brought my camera, I just played all the time and forgot to take much photos :p

so, I'll post 2 photos of my beaches trip below. the first one taken at Anyer, from my room in level 7. and the second one is the photo of myself, taken at Tanjung Lesung :)

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