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Monday, January 21, 2013 • 6:06 PM • 0 comments

January is going to end in about a week again. so, how's your very first month in 2013 guys? mine is quite great, although the flood is surrounded Jakarta since four days ago. the one and only happiest thing about this big flood is I'm having a holiday right now, until I don't know when. my school still surrounding by the flood. it's located in Pluit, and you know what? Pluit was surrounding by flood until 2meters! #prayforpluit. actually, my house isn't surrounded by the flood. it's only at my garage and today, the flood is already gone in my house and getting better in my housing complex. hope Jakarta will recover as soon as possible #prayforjakarta.

btw, as I told you before, I had a trip to Malaysia on the third until eighth January. it was really greaaat! and I'm gonna post some photos of my trip :)

the fog at Genting Highland Outdoor Theme Park

in one of the ride at Genting Highland Outdoor Theme Park. no scared face at all. you know what, when the everybody yelled so loud because of scared, I was laughed so hard because of the couple's scared expression in front of me. sorry for that couple, peace.

at the cable car. going back to Kuala Lumpur(:

Twin Tower

KL Tower. I was too tired to took a photo of myself in front of this tower.

Batu Caves

Malacca. forget what is fort's name. post this because upload the photo in front of the Christ Church Melaka for showing that I'm at Malacca is too mainstream :p

these last 5 photos taken when I was at Putrajaya

actually, I visited a lot of places beside what I uploaded here. I went to the museums, king's old and new palace, Dataran Merdeka and many more. but I'm too lazy to upload it all hehehe :p

btw, I'm gonna have a trip (again) to Singapore and Johor this weekend! hip hip hoooray! I'll go to Singapore this friday and back to Jakarta this Sunday. I've prepared some plan to do there and I hope everything that I've prepared will going well :) it's my very first time to have an international trip twice in a month, teheee :P have a great day, guuuys! Xx.

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