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Tuesday, March 12, 2013 • 12:03 PM • 0 comments

so yeah, hello guys! it's been more than a month I didn't update this blog. forgive my laziness :p oh, actually I'm not that lazy, I just don't have much time for blogging because of the school stuffs, and when I had that free time, usually I used that by relax all the day. so, this is the right time for blogging, because I'm in a week of holiday because the 12 graders are having their final exam. goodluck for the 12 graders! actually, I'm in the mid term exam too, but it will continue again after the 12 graders' final exam finish.

like I wrote on the title, many things happened:
1. I finally met my bestie in Singapore when I had a short trip there in the late January, it was great! I went to Legoland Malaysia, too.
2. I had a hectic week because a lot of exam that the teachers gave to me.
3. celebrated Chinese New Year in Palembang, as usual. also had the besy cny eve ever; had a cny eve dinner in the hotel then karaoke with some of my big family (the others went back home after the dinner), but most of the time I sang many songs with my cousins. btw, 2 of my cousins won a lucky deep that held at the cny eve dinner, the first of my cousins won a free lunch voucher at the hotel, and the second of my cousins won..... a free round-trip ticket to Singapore!!! gosh, I envy him.
4. finally met my long time no see bestie when she came back to Jakarta while having her holiday in China. it's been more than two years we didn't meet, I supposed. soooo happy to met her again!(:
5. had done the best for the mid term exam week one and still prepare for the week two.

so, I just got a nice quote this morning:

so, make your dreams happen, guys! wish my dreams, and your dreams also, be real! Xx.

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