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fuala! it's a long long long time since my last post here. I just can't find the right time to post something here. and yeah, I'm in a social class, 11 grade now! yaaaayers. the day when my mom took the report card, I wasn't in Jakarta. I was on holiday in Palembang. so, my mom lied to me and say that I'm not pass the 10 grade. thankyou mom for made me cry:')

 btw, the last holiday was reaaaally great! I went to Palembang *again, as usual hahaha* for a month!! it's my first time to spent my holiday in another city for a month. such a great time with my cousins. and another upcoming holiday is waiting for me! yeah, it's Eid Fitr holiday. yuuuhuu. oh, and also happy fasting to those Moslems! I will go to China and Hongkong for ten days with my big family! will be another great experience again, because I never had a trip to another country with my big family. it's gonna be funnn! I can't waittt. YAAAY.

this is just a short update. TEEHEE. so, wait for my upcoming post about my next trip! have a nice day, guys! Xx.

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