♚animal photo competition 2011; the pictures!
Thursday, October 6, 2011 • 9:23 PM • 0 comments

fuala! okay first, I'm gonna say Rest In Peace for Steve Jobs, ex CEO Apple Inc. still can't believe that he had already passed away. then, back to topic. remember my post; animal photo competition 2011? yes, I joined the competition and I've already sent the pictures this morning, I know it's a little bit closer with the deadline; 18th october, but it's okaaay;)

yeah, that's all the photos that I sent for the contest. the kangaroo's photo was brighten by the editor on the photo studio, he said that it was too dark, so he made it a little bit brighter. all taken by my camera, Nikon D3100 in Australia-when I'm on holiday. the judging will hold on 20th october. what do you think about the photos above? is that great? I'm not sure if I can win the competition, beacuse it's international although one of the zoo in my country who made this contest. but I still hoping I can win the competition even just for a favorite winner. wish me a bunch of luck guuuuys!
oh and the last thing is, my mom just told me about SGU (Swiss German University) in Serpong-in my country of course. when you're in the 3rd semester, you'll apprentice in Indonesia, but when you're in the 6th semester, you'll apprentice in SWISS/GERMAN! also get the allowance. coooool meeen. yes I like it sooo muuuch! so sad, when I checked it, there aren't film, broadcasting, journalistic and dcv class. but SGU has a hospitality class! uuyeaaah hospitality is now on my list :p 

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