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FUALA! this is my 100th post on this blog :D yeah, I think all of you will say that "what's special with the 100th post? my blog has already had more than 100 post you know?". okay, since I'm getting busier nowadays, I think the 100th post is quite great! :D

uh-oh! today is already 12th April, it means that less than two weeks, I'll having my national exam. seriously, I'm sooo nervous about this. I just scared for the score, I'm not smarter than others, my math and science score isn't good as others. but yeah, it's me, and you know what? when I'm feel so nervous for thinking about the national exam, I just think about the three-months-holiday that will be held after the national exam finish. TEHEEE! I'm going to be mooore relax than usual, and I'll say goodbye to my jhs' books, YEAY!

btw, I just read @TrinityTraveler's tweet-I think you know who's Trinity if you have read one of my post- when I saw one of her tweet that there's a site that we can ask a help with someone else for buy anything. ex: A need a bag that sold in Singapore and B will go to Singapore, so A ask B to buy a bag that she want (A give a tip for B, of course). this helpful site named Bistip. the founder of Bistip is Indonesian, proud! :D and creative, too. he/she could think for making this site, wow. saluuuute for this site! :)

super helpful site! :)

oh, and a little annoucement. I just want to remind you if:
1. you leave a comment on my chatbox and you have a blog, please fill the coloumn "email/url" with your blog link, so I can visit back your blog :)
2. you wanna exchange link with me, all you need is just write your blog link on my chatbox then write "exchange link". ex: "http://abcdefgh.blogspot.com exchange link", as simple like that. and please, linked my blog first before you leave your blog links (I'll check your blog if you already linked mine or not) on my chatbox, if you already linked mine, I will linked yours. simple right? sooooo, happy exchange links! :)

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