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fuala! it's a long long long time since my last post here. I just can't find the right time to post something here. and yeah, I'm in a social class, 11 grade now! yaaaayers. the day when my mom took the report card, I wasn't in Jakarta. I was on holiday in Palembang. so, my mom lied to me and say that I'm not pass the 10 grade. thankyou mom for made me cry:')

 btw, the last holiday was reaaaally great! I went to Palembang *again, as usual hahaha* for a month!! it's my first time to spent my holiday in another city for a month. such a great time with my cousins. and another upcoming holiday is waiting for me! yeah, it's Eid Fitr holiday. yuuuhuu. oh, and also happy fasting to those Moslems! I will go to China and Hongkong for ten days with my big family! will be another great experience again, because I never had a trip to another country with my big family. it's gonna be funnn! I can't waittt. YAAAY.

this is just a short update. TEEHEE. so, wait for my upcoming post about my next trip! have a nice day, guys! Xx.

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♚Many Things Happened
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so yeah, hello guys! it's been more than a month I didn't update this blog. forgive my laziness :p oh, actually I'm not that lazy, I just don't have much time for blogging because of the school stuffs, and when I had that free time, usually I used that by relax all the day. so, this is the right time for blogging, because I'm in a week of holiday because the 12 graders are having their final exam. goodluck for the 12 graders! actually, I'm in the mid term exam too, but it will continue again after the 12 graders' final exam finish.

like I wrote on the title, many things happened:
1. I finally met my bestie in Singapore when I had a short trip there in the late January, it was great! I went to Legoland Malaysia, too.
2. I had a hectic week because a lot of exam that the teachers gave to me.
3. celebrated Chinese New Year in Palembang, as usual. also had the besy cny eve ever; had a cny eve dinner in the hotel then karaoke with some of my big family (the others went back home after the dinner), but most of the time I sang many songs with my cousins. btw, 2 of my cousins won a lucky deep that held at the cny eve dinner, the first of my cousins won a free lunch voucher at the hotel, and the second of my cousins won..... a free round-trip ticket to Singapore!!! gosh, I envy him.
4. finally met my long time no see bestie when she came back to Jakarta while having her holiday in China. it's been more than two years we didn't meet, I supposed. soooo happy to met her again!(:
5. had done the best for the mid term exam week one and still prepare for the week two.

so, I just got a nice quote this morning:

so, make your dreams happen, guys! wish my dreams, and your dreams also, be real! Xx.

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♚The Early Year Trip
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January is going to end in about a week again. so, how's your very first month in 2013 guys? mine is quite great, although the flood is surrounded Jakarta since four days ago. the one and only happiest thing about this big flood is I'm having a holiday right now, until I don't know when. my school still surrounding by the flood. it's located in Pluit, and you know what? Pluit was surrounding by flood until 2meters! #prayforpluit. actually, my house isn't surrounded by the flood. it's only at my garage and today, the flood is already gone in my house and getting better in my housing complex. hope Jakarta will recover as soon as possible #prayforjakarta.

btw, as I told you before, I had a trip to Malaysia on the third until eighth January. it was really greaaat! and I'm gonna post some photos of my trip :)

the fog at Genting Highland Outdoor Theme Park

in one of the ride at Genting Highland Outdoor Theme Park. no scared face at all. you know what, when the everybody yelled so loud because of scared, I was laughed so hard because of the couple's scared expression in front of me. sorry for that couple, peace.

at the cable car. going back to Kuala Lumpur(:

Twin Tower

KL Tower. I was too tired to took a photo of myself in front of this tower.

Batu Caves

Malacca. forget what is fort's name. post this because upload the photo in front of the Christ Church Melaka for showing that I'm at Malacca is too mainstream :p

these last 5 photos taken when I was at Putrajaya

actually, I visited a lot of places beside what I uploaded here. I went to the museums, king's old and new palace, Dataran Merdeka and many more. but I'm too lazy to upload it all hehehe :p

btw, I'm gonna have a trip (again) to Singapore and Johor this weekend! hip hip hoooray! I'll go to Singapore this friday and back to Jakarta this Sunday. I've prepared some plan to do there and I hope everything that I've prepared will going well :) it's my very first time to have an international trip twice in a month, teheee :P have a great day, guuuys! Xx.

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♚Start The New Life
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IT'S 2013! HAPPY NEW YEAAAR PIPOOL! new year, new life, new beginnings, new dreams:)

how's your new year celebration guys? mine is quite great. although the rain distracted the fun, but show must go on. so, me and some of my big family member had a dinner in my house, then went to the rooftop. this year, I didn't have the barbecue. we just blew up the fireworks, but this year, I'm too lazy to hold the firework, so I just sat at the roof and looked all the fireworks. the sky was sooo colorful, moreover at 12o'clock, it wasn't dark anymore, it was sososooo colorful! :D

okay, today is the first page of 2013's book. page 1 of 365:) what will you do for spend this first page, guys? emm, I think it's gonna be great, because I'll spend it with my family{} and I'm going to have a trip to Malaysia on the third until eighth page, yayeeers! \:D/

2013. make it awesome year by the great new experience, guuuys! Xx

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♚Flashback The Memories
Sunday, December 30, 2012 • 10:45 AM • 0 comments

fuala, 2012 is going to end soon! and 2013 is waiting to begin :) so much memories happened in this year, and writing down the memories in a year is a great thing to do. I love to write them down :D

January 2012
the new year came, and the Chinese New Year also. celebrated the CNY at Palembang as usual.

February 2012
Valentine's day, swap the chocolates with my friends. had a field trip to Grand Sahid Jaya Hotel for table manner and Dufan.

March 2012
Cheng Beng to Lampung, as a Chinese's tradition to pray to our ancestor.

April 2012
#EarthHour. had my junior high school's national exam!

May 2012
had my 3 months of holiday \:D/

June 2012
recollection and graduation. goodbye junior high school!

July 2012
attended Malam Final Gadis Sampul 2012 and Indonesian Youth Conference 2012. officially a senior high school student! :D

August 2012.
Eid Fitr holiday. had a trip to Bandung and Puncak with my big family.

September 2012
the school things became so crazy. 

October 2012
the family birthday month! got a great present form my parents :)

November 2012
attended Garuda Indonesia Travel Fair and bought some tickets for holiday, domestic and international route :D

December 2012
passed the final test and  had a greaaat holiday!

thank God that 2012 went sooo well. many things happened and also the new experience. wish that 2013 will be better and have another great experience. 

talking about the new year, you guys must have a great plan, right? mine is gonna be great! as usual, I'm gonna have a barbeque in the attic with some of my big family, and this year, my cousin from Palembang is here, yaay! and look the great fireworks from the roof. the sky will not dark, it's gonna be sooo colorful! have a great new year's celebration, guys! Xx

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♚The Beaches Trip
Wednesday, December 26, 2012 • 10:56 PM • 0 comments

Joyeux Noël tout le monde! Dieu vous bénisse :D

I know it's Dec 26th already and its mean that I'm kinda late to say that merry Christmas, but nevermind, right? wishing you guys have a memorable and joyful Christmas:) I don't celebrate Christmas, but I love the atmosphere of Christmas, dunno why.

how's your holiday guys? mine is quite greaaat \:D/ as you know, my cousins came to Jakarta 'till early January, aaaaand.... I just had the beaches trip last Sunday until yesterday. excited because it's been a long time since I went to the beach. so, I went to 2 beaches for 3 days. I went to Anyer and Tanjung Lesung. all I did was played on the beach, with the waves. it was great yet tiring too. sadly, I didn't take much photos there, although I brought my camera, I just played all the time and forgot to take much photos :p

so, I'll post 2 photos of my beaches trip below. the first one taken at Anyer, from my room in level 7. and the second one is the photo of myself, taken at Tanjung Lesung :)

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feel so blessed nowadays. I've passed the final test week well. although I'm not sure with the score, but I'm still thank to God because I can answered all the questions. aaaand, here I am in the holidaaay! yayeeers <:D finally, after struggled that hard, I can relax for about 3 weeks. I'm not going anywhere this December, but will going to somewhere out of this country on the early January, will tell about the trip later;)

so, my cousins came to Jakarta and will stay in my house for 2 weeks or more. me so happy because I have more friends to play with. and I've some plan to do with them yihaaa :> and Christmas is coming really soon! it's a week to go! I can't wait for the Christmas atmosphere, love it so much. and as usual, in Jakarta at December, there's soooo many midnight sale in the mall! yayers, let's shop till you drop \:D/

I wish that this holiday will be so memorable for me, and you guys must wish that too, right? Happy holiday and blessember, guys! Xx

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